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Our lodge is located smack in the middle of some of the best multi-species hunting in the state. Over the years we've taken really good moose and brown bears here, and our black bear population is very healthy too. And there are always a few wolves around to keep things interesting. We're seeing some good numbers of mature bull moose in this area, but it is closed to nonresident moose hunting. So we have a special opportunity for Alaska residents interested in trophy moose at prices that compare favorably to fly-out hunts elsewhere in the state. Here's how it works:Alaska Hunt

We have you flown out to our lodge from either Willow or Anchorage. Upon landing, we will assist you in getting your gear moved from the lake into one of our guest cabins, then sit down with you and go over where you're likely to find moose and bear in the area.

The next day you could decide to hunt on foot on the extensive trail system, or you might want to hop on one of the ATVs we have here and take a run up above treeline, seven miles from the lodge, where you may choose to set a spike camp. You'll hunt by calling or glassing, and upon taking your animal(s) you'll use the ATV and meat trailer to haul it back to our shed, where you can flesh your hides and capes in a warm, dry area as your meat is hanging, protected from the elements.

Alaska Unguided Hunts - Hidden AKWe'll have a guide in camp to cook meals for you, offer suggestions on how to hunt the area, and provide some assistance in getting your meat and trophies from the kill site to camp. Non hunting guests are welcome for a nominal fee. We also have a wood-fired steam sauna that you are welcome to use. Following the sauna, you may want to relax and play cards, tell stories, or watch a movie in our main lodge before turning in for the evening. We have a generator system for electricity, so if you have a laptop or if you need to charge camera batteries or the like, we are set up for that.

This is a ten-day all-inclusive hunt, with meals, lodging, air transport from Anchorage or Willow, guide in camp, use of ATVs and meat trailers, and other amenities.

Alaska Hunting - WOlfPrices:

$6500 per person, two hunter minimum. For groups of three, call for discount.

Grizzly may be taken on a trophy fee basis ($3,000 per bear)





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Self-Guided Black Bear from our Lodge!

Do you want the lodge experience at a budget price? Check out our special do-it-yourself black bear hunt! It’s an all-inclusive hunt that includes air transportation from the road system to the lodge and back. You get use of our ATVs, your own cabin, home-style meals prepared for you at the lodge, and hunting advice and direction from our lodge staff. Two-person minimum, three bear limit per hunter. CLICK HERE to read more about it!