Alaska Birch Bowls & Merchandise:

Harvesting Birch Burls
Your very own Birch Burl bowl starts years in advance. Burls are formed when a deformity injury or virus affects a dormant bud on the trunk of a Birch tree. These “deformities” then outgrow the surrounding portion of the tree and form a rounded mass.

Burls are not that common, however, where you find one you often find many as the right conditions exist for this wonderful abnormality. The land in and around Hidden Alaska Lodge is one such area that has these burls.

I like to look for Burls year round. Sometimes flying my plane to remote lakes in the Alaska Range, just in search of these treasures. Once located, I usually cut them by hand with my chainsaw. I gather all shapes and sizes and I am just as excited to begin carving on them, as you are to receive them.

Hand Carved Birch Bowls by Buck Bowden

You never know how one of these bowls is going to turn out. The grain and design in Burls are like opening up a present on Christmas. I use many techniques to get them to the stage that you see in the photos attached. On average, each bowl takes about 10 hours to get it from tree to table. I care for each one as if I was making it for myself. Please let me know what kind of bowl you are looking for and we can make it happen.


Harvested Burls Ready To Begin
Roughed Out and Shaped
Sanded and Prepped For Finish
Finished Product Ready To Ship

Prices and Ordering

Buck Bowden Alaska Birch Bowls

*Pricing varies on each bowl. Contact us to discuss what type of bowls you would like and we can ship them to you. Thanks Mike “Buck” Bowden

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