Alaska Hunting Guide Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying About Hidden Alaska Adventures:

I have been fortunate to be on many Alaska hunts over the past 20 years, this was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Buck was an outstanding host, the camp was well outfitted, Daniel Unfried is not only a great guide, but an even better person. I would recommend Buck & Hidden Alaska to anyone looking for an outstanding wilderness experience!! 5 stars!!

- Henry Leis 2018 / Combo hunter

There truly aren’t words to express how amazing my experience was with Hidden Alaska outfitters. From the moment I met Buck I felt like family. We met for dinner and were able discuss the hunt in great detail.  Even though we spent a lot of time during the initial meeting I still had questions and Buck as well as his son in-law Tony Marchini were always available and responsive to me. Buck and Tony were there every step of the way making sure all of the logistics were completely squared away.  From planning… to the hunt… to getting taxidermy and meat processing set up… they were there to see it through.

I couldn’t be happier with my guide Kyle Virgin and packer Bobby LaRue. These guys worked tirelessly to make sure my hunt was successful. Kyle has a lifetime of experience hunting Alaska and it really paid off for me to have him guiding the way as we were able to harvest a trophy ram and moose.  I really can’t say enough positive things about these guys. Their work ethic and attitudes were impeccable.  Just truly great people.

I couldn’t recommend Hidden Alaska Outfitters highly enough. If you’re coming to Alaska to hunt moose and sheep these are the guys you want to hunt with.

- Sean Costabill 2021 / Moose/Sheep hunter

Awesome hunt with a great outfitter and great guide Brad. After 7 hours of hiking through the fog we were atop a mountain glassing. Only to find we hiked past a drainage that 5 rams were perched in. Being late in the day to make a move we hiked back to the river where we made camp for the night. Day 2 brought clear blue skies (a blessing in the Alaska mountains) we hiked to the drainage and there they were 5 rams 3 miles away. We made the hike up the mountain traversing boulder fields, and waterfalls got into position and waited for the guide to make sure the ram was legal as we were below the rams looking at an upward angle. As I looked through my scope and steadied what seemed like an eternity was over with “take him”. When he went down he rolled off the side of the mountain roughly 1000ft into a cut and out of sight. The emotions went crazy from there. It was and still is a special moment that I will cherish. The ram was 7 years old 39 ¾” by 13.5” bases.

- Eric Dunn 2019 / Sheep Hunter

Thank you Mike for my trip of a time coming true. A wonderful experience! Camp was nice and comfortable. You have one of the best areas for trophy Sheep and Grizzly. Saw lots of game. It was a very physical hunt and I really pushed myself which made the hunt that much more rewarding. I hope to get back up to tackle moose. I know you have some monster moose.

- John Pennington 2016 / Sheep and Grizzly combo


We have many other hunters that would be more than happy to have you give them a call and get their word for our services.

Many are returning clients, some were successful some were not, however all of them had a great experience and we would love to have you hear it from them instead of taking our word for it!

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I just wanted to reach out to you tell you once again how great an experience it was hunting with you and all your guys everybody is top notch and over the top helpful I know we didn’t take any animals but we left no stone unturned I saw a lot of sheep unfortunately not the right one I will definitely be coming back again sometime hopefully within the next couple years and I will look forward to getting together with you and your crew at Hidden Alaska Guide & Outfitters I take away from this hunt a lot of positive things the physical things I was able to do following you we’re probably one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do but we did it and it Will always be a great memory thanks again.

- Michael Murphy 2021 /Sheep Hunter

Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters what can I say but spectacular. Always been a dream of mine to hunt Sheep, Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters made that dream come true. Scenery was awesome, my guide was amazing, hunt was one I will never forget. Not only did I bring a Sheep home but a Grizzly to….Big Thanks to all those guys. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, in fact I will be going back for a Moose hunt in 2021 that speaks for itself.

- Nandi Meik

If you are planning a hunting trip to Alaska you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to make you trip a world class adventure. If your like me it is always the adventure I’m after not the trophy. You are already started in the right direction Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters is the place to start. It doesn’t matter what game you choose to hunt if it is in Alaska they help you make your dreams come true. Mike Bowden and his staff have a plan for you. They will do everything possible to put you in the right spot to put your tag on the trophy of a lifetime.

The wilderness of Alaska will throw everything at you. The weather is unchangeable and unforgiving, causing changes and unknown factors to enter you plans. You must do everything you can to stack the deck in your favor. Begin with a call to Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters and get started.

My ten day hunt started with heavy rain and 100 mph winds, grounding all flights. The third day we had a window of opportunity and took it. A great low altitude flight thru the Alaska range and in to the wilderness camp. Even though if rained nine of the ten days I was in camp and had 30 to 60 mph winds we quickly turned the wind beaten and wet camp into our home away from home. There was no quit or lack of effort in my guide to find a bull moose, and on the second day after wading, climbing and bushwacking our way to a great bull. I took a 65″ moose that now hangs over my fireplace. Four days later with the weather still beating on us I took a grizzly tha sq. 9.2 and his skull measured 26″, fulfilling my dream hunt. The only day we seen the sun shine was the last day when the super cub came to pick me up. So do yourself a favor and give Buck or Tony a call and get started on your own Alaska adventure of a lifetime.

- Jack Wilson

Jason’s Story

Ever since I was a young kid, I had my heart set on a Dall Sheep from the Alaska Range. I went to an Outdoor/Hunt Show in Harrisburg in February of 2012 and after talking with a number of outfitters, I was only left with my homework (i.e., calling references and doing some additional research). After numerous hours of research, phone calls, etc, I found myself on the phone with Mike ‘Buck’ Bowden from Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters. Based on my research and the references, Mike’s outfit and area had been shown to produce very good/top quality rams. I told ‘Buck’ that I was interested in a true backpack sheep hunt, sleeping in a tent on a different side of the mountain each night. He told me he could certainly deliver and that he did. Fast forward to August of 2013, as indicated during our logistics call, I met Mike at the hotel in Anchorage for breakfast and then to the airport to fly into Farewell,Alaska. From Farewell, we took a super cub into my spike camp. The flight into camp was amazing due to the breathtaking scenary… READ MORE

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