Alaska Combo Hunts

We can facilitate any combination hunt you would like to do. We do like to have this hunts go a minimum of 14 days and offer up to 18 day hunts to try and get all the species that you are after. The extra days often help with having to move camps to different areas depending on what you are trying to obtain.

If you can only get away for 10 days let us know and we will try and work something out, just be aware of the logistics of Alaska and success rates are lower if you are in a rush. You can combine any of our Big 3 (moose, sheep or bear) in whichever combo you want or all three perhaps. Let us know and we will make it happen.

Alaska Caribou Hunting Guides

Combo Hunt & Caribou

The caribou of Alaska are all of the Barren Ground subspecies. All of our hunting areas have caribou that call these lands home. That being said caribou are great wanders and are often not seen in groups in our hunt areas like they are in some other parts of the state. This however doesn’t stop our hunters from taking trophy caribou each year.

Because caribou are not super abundant in our area we do not recommend caribou only hunts. This however shouldn’t stop someone from having a tag with him or her as we just charge a small nominal fee for taking a caribou as an added bonus on your other hunts.

Caribou season starts the same day as sheep season in August and continues throughout the rest of our hunt period, so if you are hunting with us then caribou season is open!

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